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How It Works

Clarapath - SectionStar

Clarapath - SectionStar

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A new gold standard for consistency

SectionStar standardizes a traditionally subjective and error-prone process in non-clinical and clinical settings.

  • Improved consistency and enhanced quality control

  • No person-to-person variation

  • Consistently cut 3-5 micron thick tissue

  • Creating a standard data output that enables better AI and digital pathology

Higher quality slides and samples

By eliminating the water bath, SectionStar eliminates preventable errors that introduce risk and impact quality.

  • Proprietary optics systems allow for full sample chain of custody and quality assurance

  • No contamination risk due to reused water in the water bath

  • No more tearing, folding or ‘floaters’

  • Environmentally controlled unit reduces external variables

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Move faster &
reduce costs per slide

SectionStar automation offers labs the ability to boost turnaround time and lower slide production costs while maintaining a gold standard for quality.

  • Batch processing

  • Unlocks 2-hour technician walk-away time

  • Increase standardized processing 

  • Enable 24x7 processing workflow

Add value with digital pathology

Modernize your lab by building better algorithms with standardized, consistent, high-quality slide data thanks to SectionStar.

  • Optics systems records the process and supports new observation methodologies 

  • Flag high-priority samples for additional testing and prioritize samples through the system

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Why choose SectionStar?

Automated sectioning leads to operational and quality benefits for histology labs


Experts love Clarapath

Here's what they're saying

“SectionStar vaults histology into the realm of reproducibility and quality required for AI-driven diagnosis of disease and the development of molecular morphology-based precision-medicine therapies.”


Chair of Pathology and Senior Vice President of Laboratory Services, Northwell Health and member of the board of directors, Clarapath

“Clarapath is shifting the pathology paradigm; not only is workflow streamlined and specimen variability reduced, this ultimately opens up entirely new areas to drive better patient care with lower cost”


The 4100 Group

Quality, consistent tissue preparation

Microtomy remains tedious and prone to error. With Clarapath you can increase accuracy, speed, and productivity in the lab with an automated microtomy system.

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