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Your Partner in Pathology

Speed up turnaround time and improve quality. Trust Clarapath’s CLIA-certified lab to help with your Anatomic Pathology cases - from simple to complex.

Your all-in-one pathology partner

Tissue-To-Bytes, TTBTM

Clarapath supports your histology needs from routine to complex


Routine Histology

  • Tissue Processing

  • Embedding

  • Cutting

  • Staining

  • Diagnosis by board certified pathologists

  • Serial Sectioning

Whole Slide Imaging

  • Embrace digital pathology

  • High-resolution brightfield & fluorescence


Quantitative Image Analysis

  • High quality tissue sample analysis

  • Leading Machine Learning

  • Algorithmic analysis


Data Hosting & Management

  • Secure long-term data hosting

  • Data storage

  • Data mining

  • Data analytics

  • Proprietary image viewing

Evolve your histology capabilities

Clinical Applications

  • H&E, IHC and SS Staining

  • Embed tissue in paraffin

  • Section paraffin-embedded blocks or cell blocks using mictrotomes

  • Mount section tissue on slides

Whole Slide Imaging

  • High quality digital images

  • Multi-layer acquisition

  • Acquisition of 20x / 40x bright-field images

  • Acquisition of 20x fluorescence images

Preclinical Applications

  • Embed animal tissue with OCT

  • Section frozen blocks on cryostat

  • Transfer section onto slides

  • Immunofluorescence stains and analysis

VPC Hosting

  • Encrypted data and hosting

  • Low cost

  • Convenient cloud-based access

  • Government & HIPAA data compliance

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