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Our Core Values

Reflected in what we call our “5 Pillars”:

  • Standardization: At Clarapath we aim to provide standardization and uniformity across our clinical and non-clinical partner sites. We are looking to bring quantitative measures and metrics to a relatively subjective area within laboratory medicine. 

  • Advancing Care: With consistent, uniform samples, pathologists can accurately diagnose without the need for repeat biopsies, helping to get patients quicker test results and more immediate access to care

  • Producing Quality Samples: Automating pathology and providing standardized, consistent samples and digital imaging provides more accurate lab outputs, removing subjectivity and reducing the potential for human error, partially by removing manual cuts and water baths from the process, in turn reducing risks of patient harm

  • Relieving Labor Shortages: Automation of existing manual processes helps to balance supply and demand issues and address the growing labor shortage facing pathology – the machine creates the consistency of slide samples while specialists can concentrate on higher value activities

  • Reducing Costs: Providing both operational benefits and improved quality, our technology leads to better care for patients and more efficient labs, avoiding subsidization while providing high-quality care for patients​​

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